CNC Machining

Machining Capabilities By Industry

Precision Machinists Co, Inc; a New England based machine shop with extensive experience in the following:

Aerospace machining

Aerospace Components:

This industry demands tight tolerances that most machine shops can’t meet, but we excel at. Aerospace components also demand specialty materials that  we are  very familiar with.


Medical Machining:

Today’s medical devices demand more precision than ever before. Our tight tolerance capabilities allow us to be the perfect source for your next medical machining need. We can work with stainless steel, Titanium, Inconel® and most other metals commonly used in the medical industry.


Military Machining:

We adhere to all Mil spec parameters and are familiar with the properties of Kevlar and Inconel®; materials used often for military components. All drawings & completed projects are kept private & secure with the latest military spec security. Semiconductor components Medical and Military Machining


Semiconductor Components:

Our machining capability down to +/- .0001” allows our machine shop to be the perfect source for your needs in the semiconductor industry.


Please review our Quality Assurance page to see a full list of our qualifications that help us meet your project needs with the highest of quality and integrity.